Teaneck International Film Festival

Like so many other events in Teaneck, the idea of a film festival emerged in Spring 2005 out of discussions among ordinary citizens. With the support of the nonprofit organization Puffin Foundation, a small group of dedicated volunteers set out to create an event that would present a collection of compelling and imaginative feature-length films, documentaries and shorts -- from a variety of cultures; foster cross-cultural connections; honor talented young Bergen County filmmakers; and encourage filmgoers to rediscover Teaneck's appeal as a shopping and dining destination.

The first film festival was held in November of 2006 at the Cedar Lane Cinemas and DanceArt Creative Center on Cedar Lane as well as at the Puffin Cultural Forum in Teaneck, N.J. It drew more than 1,200 filmgoers over the course of the weekend.

Presently, the film festival draws over 3,000 filmgoers each year and has expanded its venues throughout the Teaneck area. The film festival has developed a niche in the film festival circuit by establishing Activism/Making Change as a permanent theme.

The film festival is fortunate to have garnered support and sponsorship from a number of civic and business organizations in addition to the Puffin Foundation. A current list can be seen by going to Sponsors.

For more about previous seasons see the TIFF Events Gallery.

2016 Advisory Board
Gladys Miller Rosenstein Executive Director, Puffin Foundation, Ltd.
Perry Rosenstein President, Puffin Foundation, Ltd.
Judy Distler Co-Founder of TIFF
Ellen Rand Former Executive Director of TIFF
Jacqueline B. Kates Former Teaneck Mayor
Larry Bauer President, Teaneck Chamber of Commerce
Yvonne Witter President, National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc. Bergen/Passaic Chapter
Johanne Bryant-Reid & Kai Brown Arts Co-Chairs, Bergen County Chapter of The Links, Inc.
Sandi Klein Veteran Radio Newscaster and Host of Conversations with Creative Women
Sonia C. Tracey Arts & Culture Chair, National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc. Bergen/Passaic Chapter
Edward Pierce Temple Emeth
Helen Archontou
CEO, YWCA of Bergen County
Officers and Members of Organizing Committee
Jeremy Lentz Executive Director
Judy Distler & Eva Tobias Marketing & Development
Stephanie McCaw Treasurer & Executive Assistant
Lee Long Volunteer Coordinator & Gala Coordinator
Addie Wijnen Gala Coordinator
Chris Finley Program Designer
Evelyn Wolff Grant Writers
Carolyn Komerska Poster Designer
Joan & Paul Sher West Coast Film Scouts
Ray Turkin & Barbara Balkin Photographers
Theodora Lacey & Jeannette Curtis-Rideau Youth Outreach & Community Relations Advisors
Jason Guzman & Michele Clear Social Media
Sabrina Clay Talent & Development
Lon Garelick Videographer & Film Editor
Jim Rothenberg Advertising
Film Selection Committee
Jeremy Lentz, Judy Distler, David Bland, Mary Jane Tucker, Jeanette Curtis-Rideau, Lee Long, Joan Sher, Karen Yucht, Phil Yucht, Addie Wijnen, Deborah Eliayahu, Bruce Prince, Dedra Tate
Members at Large
Janet Abbott, David McCaw, Rhona Herman, Micki Shilan, Susan Davison, Matt Okin, Huey Houston, Chiffon DeLoatch, Barbara Giarmo, Lateefah Fleming, Janice Preschel